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5-Star Hospitals Continue to Excel – Why?

First, let’s agree that if it was easy to be a 5-Star hospital, every hospital would be. The truth is there are many variables in the healthcare clinical setting [MORE]

Success Is Not A Straight Line

While our strategic or personal plan for success looks linear, smooth and tidy on paper, the fact is that practicing new tactics can be awkward, difficult and messy at first. [MORE]

The Heart of Emotional Intelligence

Unless you know yourself, you cannot be free to truly make a difference. [MORE]



Proven Solutions for Business and Healthcare  


QLS is a business and healthcare consulting firm that drives efficiency and revenue growth through team building, emotional intelligence training and unprecedented customer and patient satisfaction improvement. 


Your success is our success, and together we will: 

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    • Identify the emotions that negatively impact the creation and execution of high-performance teams.


    • Recognize team strengths and identify opportunities for improvement through Emotional Intelligence training and tools.


    • Remove energy draining attitudes and behaviors that create dysfunction and team failure.


    • Focus on specific actions and behaviors that drive strong execution and accountability.



​Through a variety of trainings and ​certified tools, we will grow your teams to outperform in commitment, accountability and results. 


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