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The Heart of Emotional Intelligence

Unless you know yourself, you cannot be free to truly make a difference.  Why? Fundamentally, the ability to make healthy choices is based on accurately identifying, understanding and managing YOUR OWN feelings.  Imagine you are in a meeting with a dozen team members and someone opens the door letting a lion into the room. Everyone except one is in shock and horror and fear. Yet, the person whose father was a lion tamer in the circus is not afraid because she identifies, understands and manages herself from the experiences of her background. We each bring different backgrounds, experiences and life journeys. Understanding what makes you “tick”, elicits a reaction from you or makes you feel anxious is what helps you grow to make you great! “The more we understand the beauty and the blemishes, the better we are able to achieve our full potential!”(Emotional Intelligence 2.0)

This is the heart of emotional intelligence!Image1

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